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I’m a Freelance Web Designer & Developer located in Imperial Valley California with a passion for helping small businesses open their doors to new markets. I specialize in building eCommerce Stores, School Websites, and Brochure Website designs.

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Offer flexible options, which you can adapt to the different needs of each project.

Website Design

An original and creative website design layout goes a long way. A great first impression helps your business take advantage of that small window of opportunity for a successful connection. Consequently, it helps you increase your business conversion rates.

Business Automation

The use of a technological process that automates repeatable tasks to maintain efficiency and control costs across the organization. My expertise and experiences in software/script automation will benefit your business to keep up with the market demands.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing provides many opportunities and flexibility not offered by traditional media. Successfully Digital Marketing includes a professional Website Design, SEO strategy, email marketing, and a captivating social media marketing strategy.

Brochure Websites

A Brochure site gives your business or product a significant Web presence. Therefore, it communicates a sense of credibility and brand identity by outlining your company’s services and contact information.

Brochure Website
Responsive eCommerce

eCommerce Websites

An eCommerce or online store turns your great idea into a business. I will create a beautiful site that showcases your products. You need an experienced eCommerce web developer to create & web design a website that builds long-term customer relationships.

User Experience

My goal is to design and develop your website focusing on maintaining quality and usability. A User Experience design that provides meaningful and relevant experiences in web design that improves the quality of the user’s interaction.

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Web Design Templates

All the Features You Need

Ensures on-page optimization to produce relevant search results and a positive user experience

Domain Names

Help you find and register a new domain name or use one you already own.

Online Store

An eCommerce platform where you can sell products on your site including! Coupons, shipping, digital goods, and much more.

Business Blog

Built-in a web blog to keep your visitors updated with your business.

Secure Websites

Add HTTPS to all websites, for free! It enhanced security, and SEO boost, and gained visitors’ trust.

Web Analytics

All sites come with analytics built-in. So you can see who’s been visiting with easy-to-read charts.

Website SEO

Optimize a website’s content to make it relevant for the user and the most popular search engine (Google)

Victor Hugo Solis

Freelancer Web Designer

I’m Victor Hugo Solis, a freelancer web designer with experience in digital marketing, web development & designing eCommerce websites for small businesses.

Freelancing allows me to utilize some of the skills I have learned throughout the years. My designs can help your business open its doors to a whole new market. Check out my Web Design Portfolio.