Benefits of IT Certifications

IT Certifications
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Why should you earn an IT certification? What are the benefits of IT certifications? Which certification should I get? These are some of the most common questions about IT certifications. These are the question I will try to answer in this article.

First, let’s begin by understanding how to get an IT certification. An IT certification is just a certificate that validates your IT skills. You can obtain one of those certifications just by passing a two-hour exam.

There are many different certifications in the IT industry. Consequently, follow the certifications that relate to your industry or skills. Most certifications fall into one of two categories: vendor or skill-specific. Here are some of the most popular ones.

CompTIACompTIA A+, Network+, Security+,
Cloud+, Linux+ CySa+
MicrosoftAzure Fundamentals, Azure Security Engineer Associate, Azure Security Engineer Associate
OracleCloud Infrastructure, Oracle Databases, Cloud SCM
AmazonCloud Practitioner, Solution Architect, Security, database, Advance Networking

Why should you earn an IT certification?

The short answer is because certification demonstrates your dedication, motivation, and technical knowledge of a specific skill. For many IT professionals, getting a certification is another valuable way to boost their skills. However, it can also help a person without experience in the field find a way into a new career.

As a result, earning the right certification provides employers with the assurance that you have the skills required to do the job. As a consequence of passing a rigorous exam that indicates a detailed depth of knowledge of the particular IT specialization. 

How Much Do IT Certifications Cost?

The best answer is; it depends. Entry-level certifications are typically less expensive than expert-level certification. The cost of a certification exam can range from $150 to $760. In addition, these certifications need to be renewed every two to three years. The renewal fees for IT certification range from $45 to $200.

It’s important to know the costs of the exam is not the only cost. Training material like books, online courses, and boot camps adds up to the cost of the certification. Consequently, finding free or low-cost training courses is a great way to help you reduce the cost. In addition, many employers pay for those certifications, so why not ask for help.

Free or Low-Cost Training Courses for It Certifications

There are many places on the internet that can help you study for your next exam. Visit the exam vendors to find free guidance for the exams. In addition, YouTube many free channels that offer basic training to help your pass those exams.

Here are some free and low-cost resources I used when I was studying for the CCNA exam. In addition, you can read my notes for the CCNA exam for additional information.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, IT certifications are essential for any professional looking to pursue an IT career opportunity. Above all, IT certifications provide proof of a job applicant’s level of expertise in an IT field. Consequently, IT certifications can be as diverse as the professionals who earn them.


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