What is a Brochure Website?

Brochure Website Design
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Brochure Website Design

In simple words, a brochure website is basically a digital version of your printed brochure. The main purpose of this type of website is to provide correct and legitimate information about a business. The main characteristic of a brochure website is that it tends to be visually engaging is visitors. This is done by displaying their most relevant product categories or services for their potential customers.

Why go for a Brochure Website?

They are simple to build, cost-effective and easily distribute to the masses. New businesses need to let customers know that they exist. A brochure website is well worth your investment to generate the name recognition your business needs. Most noteworthy, a well-design professional website lets potential customers know that you’re serious about your services.

By creating a brief and concise informative message of your business or organization, you can:

  • Communicate your business’ core ideas
  • Introduce new products or services
  • Explain existing products or services
  • Display Authority

The main demographic for brochure websites are all small businesses with a limited marketing budget. A business that rarely needs to update the content of its website can also benefit from this type of site. It’s a long term and low-cost marketing strategy by delivering simple messages to potential customers. Above all, this happens while creating new content for search engines crawling the web.

Improves Business Credibility

A demonstration of professionalism and essential authority in its industry is one of the best uses cases of a brochure website. First of all, this authority is commonly gained by offering relevant and helpful content to its visitors. Furthermore, adding informative videos and a blog that provides helpful information about your business, for that reason this is a great way to start.

The influence of social media and the popularity of mobile devices made owning a website an important marketing tool. While social media is free and offers a great way to market your business. A responsive brochure website provided the credibility that a customer is looking for in a business.


Brochure Website Landing Page

The front page or landing page of your website is the page designed to get the user’s attention. Above all, it encourages your customers to buy or subscribe to your services. This is typically called a call to action. An example of this is dedicating a landing page to pushes users to sign up for your newsletter. A technique that might provide you with new leads for your business.

A common brochure site will usually contain a handful of pages. Certainly, these important elements have to be accessed through the main menu or footer of the site. The content found on this site should focus on providing visitors with information you want them to know about your business.

Brochure Website Structure

In the era of the internet, online businesses only have a few seconds to capture the attention of their visitors. Consequently, its content should be easily accessible and worthy in order to deliver good results. Due to the limited time, a brochure website should focus on delivering its message with no more than three clicks.

A typical structure should include:

  • Landing Page (front page of your website) This is a standalone web page, created specifically for the purposes of marketing or advertising a specific product or service.
  • About Us (company history, values, mission, and location) While you can’t sell products from your About Us page, the information on this page is essential to help you push customers much closer to a sale without even seeing what you have to offer.
  • Contact Us (contact form, phone number, email address) Encourage your website visitors to get in touch. Take advantage of a well-design contact us page that feels like a warm, friendly smile.
  • Product or Service Page (Service your company offers) The purpose of a product page is to define the features, manufacturer, and the uses of your product.
  • Portfolio (projects samples) A portfolio website lets you show off all of your work in one place. This not only looks good to a client, but it can also help inspire your client’s next projects.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, the simple, affordable, and most effective nature of a brochure website attracts new visitors to your business. Consequently making your website an excellent marketing tool for your business. Throughout this article, you learn that for this investment to generate dividends for your business.

Consequently, there are three important characteristics of a successful brochure website. These include a professional design that engages visitors. A fully functioning responsive website with fast download speed and most noteworthy a website packed with great content.


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