WordCamp Riverside 2019

WordCamp Riverside
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The third annual WordCamp Riverside will take place from Friday, November 8 through Sunday, November 10, 2019. This event will be held at SolarMax located at 3080 12th St, Riverside, CA 92507. This event design to bring together all WordPress enthusiasts and business owners eager to learn more about WordPress websites and all its benefits.

Everyone from casual users to core developers participate, share ideas, and get to know each other. At WordCamp Riverside, you will learn about how to use WordPress and create awesome content and sites for the web. One of the most important things about a WordCamp is the ability to network with other designers, developers, business owners, freelancers, bloggers, and more. It’s an event where you can learn, connect, and have fun!

What to Expect at WordCamp Riverside, California

The excitement for WordCamp Riverside is in full swing, as many WordPress enthusiasts in the area are looking forward to meeting new WordPress enthusiasts willing to share their stories.

There will be a lot of different sessions to choose from. Starting on Friday with the beginner’s day and continue through Saturday and Sunday for the full event. Here are some of the sessions you may not want to miss.


Beginner’s Day is designed to introduce new users willing to learn the basics of WordPress. Many WordCamp volunteers will help out with all your beginners’ questions. The beginner’s day will show participants to prepare their site locally using a local web server on their computer so they’ll be ready for the rest of the weekend.


  • WordPress at the Heart of Your Strategy
    David Mayne will discuss the pre-launch and analysis stage of bringing a website to marketing in a competitive landscape.
  • Cloud on a Budget
    Joshua James will discuss step by step example of how to configure your own WordPress hosting with Plesk and the AWS for about the cost of shared hosting.
  • Marketing Your Business with WordPress’s
    Matthew Woodard will focus on helping small businesses increase their customer base and revenue through the web using WordPress.
  • I Dream of WooCommerce
    Sean Conklin will focus on Woocommerce and everything related to this powerful platform. It will include topics such as hosting/caching, theme choice, design effectiveness, compliance, and performance.
  • The Art & Science Behind Killer Content
    Michael Tesauro and Rob Bonham discuss on how to develop a data-centered content strategy that drives organic traffic.
  • WordPress SEO 101: Key(word)s to Success
    Joe A Simpson Jr This session, will look at SEO tools, tips, and techniques that you can leverage to help your rankings.
  • WordPress SEO 101: Key(word)s to Success
    Joe A Simpson Jr This session, will look at SEO tools, tips, and techniques that you can leverage to help your rankings.
  • Improve Your WordPress SEO Performance With Google Search Console
    Brian Jensen This session will take a dive into how WordPress users can utilize Google Search Console to improve and enhance their website’s performance and visibility in Google Search.
  • Discover How You Can Leverage Yoast to Achieve Massive Results for Your Clients Even if You Don’t Have a Lick of SEO Knowledge
    Candice Gilliatt this session will focus on the Yoast SEO Plugin. What Yoast is and how to best configure the settings. What’s an SEO Title, Meta Description, Focus Keyphrase, and all the other backend jargon that’s important. 
  • Website accessibility What it is & why it’s so important and the benefits for SEO
    Glen Ingram will explain what web accessibility (WCAG 2.1) is and why it is so important we understand it and be compliant. 
  • How to Rank Multi-location Local Businesses Using Content
    William Huff This session will show you a company ranked an article nationally for a competitive term without any exotic SEO strategies or tactics.


  • Intro to security, who needs it anyway?
    Jim Hunter will discuss the basics of WordPress security. Signs that your website has been hacked. What you can do to prevent being hacked and what you can do if you have already been hacked.
  • Headless WordPress and You: A Practical Guide to Headless WordPress
    Keith Frey will go through a very quick introduction to what exactly headless WordPress is.
  • Strategies for Building a Solid Client Base
    Scott Tambling will focus on low-cost advertising Strategies, Networking groups warm calling secrets to keep clients happy generating recurring revenue
  • Finding Your Type: Using The Right Fonts For Your WordPress Website
    Amber Hewitt Learn how to select the right type, design your fonts correctly, and add them to your WordPress website.
  • Content Writing for Better Audience Engagement and SEO
    Taylor (Elizabeth-Rose) Waldon Learn how to write for your audience in a way that naturally enhances SEO while still adding value to your reader.

With so many amazing sessions about WordPress and web design, you will definitely not want to miss WordCamp Riverside.

Fun Facts About Riverside

The community of Riverside offers a vibrant lifestyle for both your personal and professional life: thriving education institutions for all ages, a variety of parks and spaces, and its commitment to culture and the arts. For example, did you know:

  • Riverside is the 12th largest city in California
  • Riverside, was inspired by the Santa Ana River. John North and other Eastern travelers wanted to name a city that would be influential in arts, music, and culture.
  • The city of Riverside has a large art scene, inspired by Charles Dickens

The Bottom Line

WordCamp Riverside is going to be an absolute blast for everyone that is able to attend. WordCamp Riverside includes sessions on how to use WordPress more effectively, beginning plugin and theme development, SEO advanced techniques, and website security. 

Be sure to make it out and enjoy some amazing WordPress sessions and networking.


Victor Hugo Solis

Master’s Degree in Information Security, a Bachelor’s Degree in Database Administration, and experience as a WordPress Web Designer & Developer.